second ride that didn`t count (FVP)

[ Fox Valley Permanent, start time: 8:30 am, Jan 15th, 2012 ]

I did my second permanent ride a few weeks ago in mid January.  Unfortunately, it did not count towards my R-12 attempt as I was 15 minutes late for both the penultimate control and the finish.  Following weekends in January was similarly windy.  That meant my R-12 counter was reset before turning 2.

The weatherman got it wrong, again.  It was a day of strong south winds (10-15 mph with up to 25 mph gusts).  I think I failed to intake sufficient fuel, and I could not fight the wind after some point.  I remember having a hard time maintaining 10 kph at times on the two long stretches between Plano and Ottawa.  The last 2/3 of the ride was not much fun as I was too busy trying to focus on keeping a good pace & meet the control times.

Here is some random notes.

– Thanks to brand new 32mm Pasela TG tires and keeping a straight line, I managed to go over fresh snow, black ice, snow covered ice, snow dust, frozened and hardened mud and the like without incident.

– Homemade map holder did not survive the wind.  I bought one, it looks pretty sturdy.

– Navigation was so much easier this second time.  Very little bonus distance.  Was able to guess how long a few kms take, so I could complete short legs without aid of bike computer.  That means less hassle in dark.

– Shouting ¨No, bad dog, no!¨ can keep some dogs from chasing you 🙂  Although I think the mean dog was not around this time.

– Try to put down time limits on cue sheet for about every 10 km`s, so as to gauge (lack of) progress better.

– Last but not least, in fact most importantly, what to eat on the road to keep my energy levels high?  How to keep the food from freezing?

=== speed stats

start time: 8:30 official, 8:38 actual

.                                                    duration
leg     distance  averageSpeed  route   atControl
1        24               18                  1:18     0:24
2        36               16.6               2:07     0:23
3        52               16.8               3:06     1:00
4        57               18.4               3:08     0:26
5        42               17.5               2:23
total: 211              17.5             12:02     2:13
overall:                 14.8                  14:15


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