third ride (FVP)

[ Fox Valley Permanent, start time: 8:30 am, Feb 25th, 2012 ]

To put it shortly, I finished this ride on time, not because I was stronger, but because the wind condition was more favourable. And I discovered the most refreshing cycling food: pickled cucumbers.

The wind was wearing me out in the beginning. I almost quit just outside Naperville, but then decided to take it easy and see if I can make the Batavia control. There I could turn back and catch my wife for a ride back home. However once inside the gas station store in Batavia, snacking & sipping hot tea, I felt better and decided to continue. Towards Plano, the NW wind started to push me as the route turned south. Gusts disappered past Plano and the wind turned W, giving me some more trouble. However, on the way back from Ottawa, W wind, though not as strong as earlier, was my friend. I did not feel any wind effect past Sheridan.

The highlight of the ride is the pickled cucumber I discovered in JimmyJones sandwich place in Ottawa. Anything that tastes so delicious must be what the body needs 🙂

On the way back, I saw some parts of the route in daylight for the first time & hardly recognised them 🙂

=== weather

NW wind at 10-15 mph with gusts up to 25mph, turning into 10-15mph W wind after ~1pm.
And no significant wind after ~6pm. Temp at high 20s, wind-chill high 10s.

=== speed stats

start time: 8:30 official, 8:35 actual

.                                                    duration
leg     distance  averageSpeed  route   atControl
1        24               16.2               1:29     0:09
2        36               17.4               2:04     0:26
3        52               17.3               3:00     0:30
4        57               18.5               3:05      :07
5        42               16.8               2:30
total: 211              17.4             12:08     1:12
overall:                 15.8                  13:20


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