fourth ride (FVP)

[ Fox Valley Permanent, start time: 8:30 am, Mar 31st, 2012 ]

I was back on the permanent route on the last day of the month to get credit for March 🙂 I finished the ride with some more time to spare, and enjoyed the warmer weather & milder winds. I saw even more places in daylight, exchanged waves with an old couple in the kitchen of their farm house, and enjoyed the flora in spring awakening covered in sunset orange. On the other hand, I find myself bored now and then, especially during the first half of the ride. Looking forward to brevets where I will not be the lone cyclist on the road.

=== weather

E,NE wind at 10 mph before noon, becoming E,SE afternoon and perhaps 15 mph.
Overcast, temp at high 50s, cleared one or two hours before sunset.

=== speed stats

start time: 8:30 official, 8:35 actual

.                                                    duration
leg     distance  averageSpeed  route   atControl
1        24               20                 1:12     0:15
2        36               19.8              1:49     0:30
3        52               18.3              2:51     0:20
4        57               16.8              3:23      :17 + 0:10 in Sheridan mid-way
5        42               18                 2:20
total:  211              18.2             11:35     1:32
overall:                  16.1                  13:07


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