what is an R-12 anyways ?

Simply put, R-12 is the award given to those who ride their bikes to cover at least 200 kms in at most 13.5 hours once a month for successive 12 months.  I prefer ¨recognition¨ rather than ¨award¨.  As some folks call it an award, they must recognize completion of such endeavor as an achievement.  On the other hand, some may acknowledge it as the rider`s perseverance, where others may take it for abundance of time and energy or lack of great ideals or even creativity.

Recognitions aside, I want to find out if I can pull it off & hope to learn more about myself in the process.  First of the dozen rides will be on December 17th.


the declaration

here is what made me finally start a blog (or whatever this page will evolve into).

i want an R-12 recognition.

and that takes some commitment.

as far too many personal goals are long forgotten,

i thought this one would not be,

if i hereby declared

that i will get an R-12 within the following 16 months.

so here we are.

what is an R-12 anyways ?